Year Month Title Author
1959 Apr

The Love Match

Glenn Melvyn

1959 Feb

Doctor in the House

R Gordon & T Willis

1958 Apr

Ten Little Niggers

Agatha Christie

1958 Feb

As Long As They're Happy

Vernon Sylvaine

1957 Nov

Love in A Mist

Kenneth Horne

1957 Apr

Too Scared to Act

Ivor Tremble

1957 Feb

Off the Deep End

Dennis Driscoll

1956 Apr

Ma's Bit O' Brass

Ronald Gow

1956 Feb

Worm's Eye View

R F Delderfield 

1955 Apr

Intent to Murder

Leslie Sands

1955 Feb

Here We Come Gathering

P King & A Armstrong

1954 Apr

Cure for Love

Walter Greenwood 

1954 Feb

Arsenic and Old Lace

Joseph Kesselring

1953 Apr

Pools Paradise

Armitage Owen

1953 Feb

Castle in the Air

Alan Melville

1952 Apr

If Four Walls Told

Edward Percy

1952 Feb

Yes and No

Kenneth Horne

Friday the 20th of July - Bridgewater Players - Made in Warrington .